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BSMJ series self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitor




Applicable scope

BSMJ series self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitor is applied to improve the power factor of circuit by the parallel connection with AC electric power system with rated voltage lower than 1000V and 50/60Hz.

Environmental conditions of installation

1.Temperature rage: -25℃/50℃

2.Altitude: ≤2000m ;

3.When temperature is 35℃, humidity should be ≤90%

4.There is no harmful gases, no electrical conductivity or explosive dust, or violent vibration in the installation place.

5.There shoulde be 30mm gaps at least if two sets capacitor need to be installed together. Cooling measures should be taken in hot summer.

Product Feature.

1.Small volume, light weight.

2.Low loss: active loss ≤1.2W/kvar

3.Excellent self-healing property: Rapidly self-healing after midum dielectric breakdown by over-voltage or over-current, recovered to normal work.

4.Good Safety performance: Discharge resitor and over-pressure protection device inside capacitor.

5.No leaking.

Main technical data:

1.Rating Voltage: 0.23~11.14kv

2.Rating capacitance: 1~60kvar

3.Rating frequence: 50Hz/60Hz

4.Tolerance: -2~+5%

5.Active loss: ≤1.2W/kvar

6.T-T Voltage: 2.15Un 10秒

7.Max permissible overvoltage: 1.1Un.

8.Max permissible overcurrent: 1.3In.

9.Self-discharge charactor: Residual voltage from Un to 50V or below with 3 minutes after capacitor power off.

10.Executive standard: GB/T12747-2004,IEC 60831-2002

Notes of installation and running

1.Installation and maintenance should be perfomed by a qualified personnel.

2.Must cut off power before running.

3.Interval between disconnect and next operation should be more than 3 minutes, use a insulation wire to discharge two poles of capacitor before touching capacitor.

4.More than 30mm gap should be maintained between capacitors, inner capacitor cabinet should be reserved enough ventilation space and should be installed in a wee-ventilated place.

Main models and specifications

1.Single phase products installation dimensions are same as three phases products if their specifications are same.

2.We can supply you other special specification products.

Appearance and installation dimensions.(见P1、P2、P3)

Installation Notes.:

1.Put installation foot down, push it to binding edge of the shell in a suitable position.

2.Fix assembled capacitor to a place where you need.

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