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Intelligent intergration reactive compensation capacitor





HF intelligent integrated power capacitor is a independent complete intelligent compensation unit, it is composed of intelligent measurement and control unit, compound zero switching, intelligent protection unit, two (Δ type), or a type (Y) self-healing type low voltage power capacitor. The capacitor can be single use, also it can be use in mulitple network constitute compensation system; It not only can be three phases compensation, but also three phase and grouping hybrid compensation. It instead of traditional bulky and heavy structure mode reactive power compensation device. New generation low voltage reactive power compensation equipment has greatly increased the reliability and service life, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy production, cost reduction and performance improvement, convenient maintenance etc.

Installation requirements

when intelligent compensation of reactive compensation capacitor single use, don’t have to add cabinet protection, just set protective fences around the intelligence type reactive power compensation capacitor, but, be careful don’t place module exposed in the dust environment.

when the intelligent reactive compensation capacitors mutiple using, it have to add protective cabinet. There should be ventilation cooling and with good ability of rain stainless steel enclosure in outdoor . Indoor GGD cabinet, etc can be used. on the protective cap and the fields should be hidden dust hole shutter, front and rear door plank in the intelligent type reactive power compensation capacitor installation place also should have the shutter window air ventilation, if in dusty environment there should have dustproof and built-in fan cooling device.

Cabinet size and quantity should be in determining by quantity and laoding way of the intelligence type reactive power compensation capacitor.


Intelligent type reactive power compensation capacitor should be installed flately in the cabinet,vertical to the ground, show screen placed in frontage.

Horizontal Gap between capacitors should be not less than 30 mm, thermal dissipation space has been set aside, vertical installation space should not less than 200 mm, it is good for heat dissipation and terminal operations.

If in the low-voltage cabinets such as GCK, GCS, MNS, can arrange it flexibly according to cabinet size.


In order to facilitate debugging, intelligent type reactive power compensation capacitor added the debugging, specific operation method is as follows:

In the case of power cuts, dial panel switch of intelligent type reactive power compensation capacitor to "strong" position, the capacitor enter into debug state, i.e simulated switching by default, it is not practical swithching. But remember: after finish testing power, should be a switch to "automatic" position.

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